Bitter truth and sad reality of the fast paced world today even.

Bitter truth and sad reality of the fast paced world today even.

Issues of race and ethnicity from the past few years has been on peak .Ethnicity describes a group sense of possessing a shared identity a common language, culture or religion. Our ethnic cleavages associate’s with major differences in culture between groups. When I think about offices, schools,

clusters and other work places what helps me to explain how to go into doing this has been multiculturalism as a lens a path of thinking discussing with world. Multiculturalism is now on global scale.

Motivational cultural intelligence

This stage suggests that we are able to support or motivate to address cultural differences.

Behavioral cultural intelligence

We follow or agree by actions of motivation  to learn or connect with other cultures

Cognitive cultural intelligence

Identified knowledge differences or gaps. At this we sort cultural similarities or differences making compassion.

We investigate relationships between ethnicity , culture as main trait describing on its norms. By collective surveys of person to person in many countries. We find that ethnic identity of cultural values with in communities.

To create a healthy work place

Diversity is important for each person to person. Multiculturalism brings together a diverse set of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Different cultures leads to different ways of approaching problems. When we lead or own a diverse culture everyone looks or handles  situation through a particular lens or a unique way/prescriptive.

Multiculturalism works wrong when it creates cultural barriers. Yet we can overcome these by diversity and creating rules with list of what is accepted and what isn’t.

Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse different cultures. Diversity refers to the attributes of different people .A comparison that a person is different from “me”.

Example race, color, gender or age.

Biodiversity is an essential element  of long term survival on earth .Survival  of humanity and indigenous cultures. Dignity is important  for  everyone.

They are different groups to support ethnicity. These projects involves PHD students to find out minorities of ethnic families. They interview families and find out there living conditions.

There are 5 ethnic groups

The Us is multi racial and multi ethnic country .It divides into six groups African,American,White,Native,Asian and Pacific Islanders.

People with various ethnicity reside in UK. They have migrated from Northern Europe. After the second world war immigration from the new common wealth Europe and the rest settled demography of many cities in UK.

First Jews in Britain were brought to the England in 1070.It was documented since 16th century to date.

A poll conducted  by BBC found 62 percent people agreed to multiculturalism to make UK a better place to live in.

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