Multiculturalism vs diversity

Multiculturalism vs diversity

Cultural diversity is the power of diverse or different types of cultures as conflicting cultures. Every individual has its own dignity.

Diversity is the perceived difference between individuals. Diversity is described as differences between people. Multiculturalism is more complicated noticing and focusing diversity of diversity and differences including respecting behavior.

Diversity is who we are. It mostly describes race gender and culture.

Culture diversity is the quality of closeness to mono culture. To describe cultural differences mostly defined traits used to recognize the level of evident multiculturalism age, sex, ethnicity or race.

The basics of multiculturalism workforce is in which an employee are heterogeneous with certain traits.

Multiculturalism vs diversity over the time this transition has taken a great place in workforce. In 21st century diversity is becoming depict importance.

Multicultural benefits are the main barrier in relations and communication.

Diversity also supports business performances and improvement in performance and quality decisions.

Every person is not only different in appearance but also by mother tongue, choices, culture and religions.

There are allot of communities working to support and fecca is one of it.

Living together peacefully thinking each as a human is more important than differentiating of cultures

An ethnic group is a group who share same and similar heritage, culture languages it refers to race

While difference of eye color is not considered as the skin does

Majority countries has ethnic groups but strives for pluralism

Where people are treated with equality.

Dignity is being worthy or being honored and valued.

Showing admiration for someone is respect because of their qualities or achievements is respect but dignity is a right for all to be recognized and treated ethically. Respect is earned dignity is given. Dignity plays an essential role of resolving conflicts.

Significance in morality ethics law and politics are extensions.

Dignity is a complex and multi bacterial concept. Dignity is an important concept of health care. Self-respect of an individual is very important. It is important to develop a healthy world for everyone to stay in where love lives positivist breathe   and everyone stays positive and happy. Race color are minorities what is important is humanity. Live love enjoy are the goals of life we should except with positivist that we all are somehow change from others.

Each black deserves respect each tall or short should be loved each culture should be valued equally. Equality should be the major key. We all have our own individual dignity. Life is short love each other and stay together peacefully UN judgmental.

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