Sociology Multiculturalism

Sociology Multiculturalism

Though multiculturalism is discussed for quite some time by now, but since past few years it has been raised in our population more often and more popularly

Sociology  multiculturalism settles that society as a whole benefits from increased diversity. There are two popular theories one is salad bowl and one is melting pot. Melting pot is that the major immigrants melt together. Melting pot is criticized  as people loose diversity . Whereas a salad bowl is known as more liberal for example all ingredients together in one bowl like all cultures together. Multi culture societies are characterized by different language , traditions way of celebrations , behaviors and brought up. The term multiculturalism has a huge range  including sociology and of use. In sociology everyday usage, it is a synonym for “ethnic pluralism”. A multicultural bases nation consists of main two or more cultures, means that a contemporary Britain is known clearly as multiculturalism though without its ethnic minorities. Whereas, the term has come to mean a society with upheld cultures, with ethnic minorities, living side to side.

It has started in 1858 in Queens Victoria’s time frame. Multiculturalism is not manifested in Western countries with a past and related history of immigration. Couple of time its is the outcome or the results of an official government raised policy or sometimes it is because of the wishes and actions of the immigrants themselves.

In this part important aspects of cultural dynamic in multicultural society are left to be not observed.

A pure example us ethnicity vs race it leads to cult  factors. Including basics nationality regional  culture language and ancestry.

An Indian Asian native or a white these are the main groups.

There are 3 human races Caucasus mongoloid and negroid.

It also refers to group based distinctiveness  that set up into people values music and languages. The concrete if expressing ethnicity and its prosperity leads towards violence depends on the related context. It relates to culturally  contingent features and human groups.

The law is treated in a number of articles  describing legal rights.

It refers to standards of living peacefully . In industrialized societies support groups ate formed to resolve and support such issues deeply. Generation to generation it’s been sealed. Collective programs are solving these issues. Dignity places first which is a right to each and every human to individual. It is everyone right to live with happiness and own choice.

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